My Check up Results Are In

A couple weeks ago I went for a check up and got a bunch of blood work done and now the results are in…so I’m going to share them with you.

I got all kinds of different blood markers tested…I haven’t had a chance to look up all of them yet, but I’ll go over the major ones we all kinda know about here.

Fasting Glucose: 4.7 (normal range is 3.9 – 5.5)

Cholesterol 4.25 (below 5.18 is ‘desirable’)

LDL 2.48 (less than 2.59 is ‘optimal’)

HDL  .99 (1 – 1.3 is associated with average risk of heart disease)

Triglycerides 1.75 (1.7 is normal, between 1.7-2.2 is ‘boarderline high’)

Blood Pressure: 61-101

Heart Rate: 66

Liver enzymes looked good and everything else seems to be in normal ranges from what I can tell at this point.

So I’m pretty happy with these numbers, nothing seems out of the ordinary…I suppose I could try to bump HDL up a bit if I wanted to…this is typical of the north american diet being chronically low in omega 3 fatty acids which ends up translating in many cases to a lower HDL level.

Other than that I can’t see any reason to intervene in the way I’m currently eating/living.

so the point of showing you these numbers is to explain that my blood markers of health as a whole are in a good position and I don’t go out of my way with my diet to make it that way. I eat whatever I want whenever I want…just not too much of it. There is simply far too much emphasis and fear surrounding diet and the way we eat without enough talk of your overall lifestyle.

What you eat just really doesn’t matter as much as the amount of food you eat.

Once you get your total volume of food under control then and only then would changing anything specific really matter at all.

Specific changes for specific results (such as supplement omega 3 oils in order to influence HDL level) would only matter if everything else stayed constant.

In other words it wouldn’t make sense for me or anyone to revamp their diet in order to find ways to raise HDL if it caused something else to change in a negative way.

This is part of the problem that happens when people get caught up worrying about very specific items instead of the bigger picture.

In reality the numbers I’ve presented here are general categories for most people that describe potential risks of getting certain lifestyle diseases (cardiovascular disease and diabetes being the two biggies)

My overall numbers put me in a good range and I’m happy with them. And there is certainly no reason for concern or stress or a big shake up in the way I’m living or eating.


Cholesterol 4.25 (below 5.18 is desirable)