My Breakfast – Coffee and 4 “Timebits”

I get lots of questions about my diet and what I eat. And my honest answer is that I eat whatever I want and whenever I want.

Unless you actually hang out with me on a daily basis you really can only take my word for it, but I figured I’d try to make it a bit more real by adding in a photo of my typical morning coffee and munchies.

Victoria takes care of my morning coffee!
Victoria takes care of my morning coffee!

This is a pic of me and my main coffeetime girl Victoria. She takes care of my morning coffee and chooses my timebits for me.

This is really how I eat, and if you’ve been following my progress since Aug you already know I’ve lost over 30 lbs this way. This is just what I do in the mornings.

I’ll eat other things throughout the rest of the day, but there isn’t much of  a pattern or template that I am following.

The only thing I pay attention to is total calories.