Money for Muscle

Can you really turn this into Muscle?

If you walk into any health food store you’ll see a wall of supposed muscle building supplements. Each one with fantastic claims about protein synthesis, strength, power, weight gain, boosting hormons and enzymatic pathways and on and on.

There are muscle building supplements for pre workout, post workout, morning, night, morning AND night, testosterone boosters, nitric oxide stimulators, amino acid products of all kinds, plain creatine, mixed creatine, protein, meal replacements, weight gainers, GH boosters, prohormones etc.

With an unlimited supply of money it would appear that each one of these is worth taking (based on their claims). But most people have a limited supply of money.

If these things worked, even a bit, how much money would you realistically spend for a few extra pounds of muscle?

Leave you answer in the comments section.

note: I’m assuming no amount of supplements can produce steroid like gains