Mark McGwire Admits to Using Steroids – No…Really!?

Mark McGwire finally admitted he uses steroids for a period of 10 years.

This is hardly surprising considering how big this guy was. Have a look at this picture. If you want to look like this, then you need to use drugs.

You can't get an arm this big without drugs, and he admitted it!
You can't get an arm this big without drugs, and he admitted it!

This is part of the reason so many guys get caught up in the trap of trying to be bigger and never getting there. Many guys will look to sports figures such as McGwire or Bonds, or some other pro athlete and assume that it is possible to get to the same size without drugs.

If you don’t know these guys personally you will never know if they are taking drugs or not.

I’d guess that most major league baseball players who are in any sort of shape that people look up to are on some kind of performance enhancing drugs.

We’ve seen a bunch of them get busted now including McGwire, A-Rod, Palmeiro, Clemens, Sosa and on and on.

You’d have to be pretty naive to think these guys were the only guys who did it and that the rest of them are ‘clean’.

It seems logical to conclude that if these guys did them, then that is simply what it takes to compete at the major league level, and by default most guys who are excelling at that level are also using.

And this is just baseball. I would guess that most of the NFL and NCAA football players are also using many different drugs considering they have hundreds of guys as big or bigger than McGwire.

The bottom line is that it’s rather obvious that most of the fitness models, bodybuilders, pro athletes (and even some celebrities) are using drugs or other items to enhance their body.

If you seriously want to look like them you also have to be prepared to do what they’re doing to get that look.

The choice is yours to make.