Low Protein Training

I’ve been back to the gym two days in a row now, and will be in again this evening. Lifting about 70% of what I’m normally used to, feeling a bit lackluster after eating soup and bagels for a week and not sleeping particularly well.

no protein for me this past week

The interesting to note here is that I’m probably only consuming 20 grams of protein per day at the most…some days this past week I’ve consumed less than 10 grams of protein.

My measurements are still the same, I haven’t lost any size on my chest, back, shoulders arms or legs.

My waist is down a bit and I’ve lost a couple pounds and look leaner.

So really nothing much has happened besides feeling sick, losing some sleep and losing some fat.

The point is not to get too caught up on daily intake of protein/carbs/fat, vitamins minerals yadda yadda. Daily recommendations are meant as an average over time, not a hard and fast rule. Nothing bad is going to happen to you if you don’t get your daily requirement of nutrient X or vitamin Y today.

Odds are you’ll end up getting enough of it tomorrow or the next day to make up for a day or two of being below the recommended requirement.