losing weight is easy if you can separate signal from the noise

Signal, noise

When you’re searching for information for solutions to your health or weight loss problems you’re going to be constantly faced with a lot of useless information.

Buried deep under the mess is where you’ll find the answer, but you have to learn to separate the useful true information from useless marketing fluff.

In other words you’ve got to separate the signal from the noise.

When it comes to weight loss there is a  fundamental law that cannot be broken.

That law states: In order to lose weight you must eat less calories than you burn off.

This law stands no matter what story you’re being told about food or nutrition.

So the ‘signal’ that you’re looking for in weight loss is always “eat less”, the noise is all of the useless marketing angles about carbs, or fat, or meal timing, or blood types, or fancy workouts, or special hormones and on and on.

All of this other stuff is the noise.

For any diet program to work it must get you to eat less. And marketers know this, but that isn’t much of a story to tell. So they wrap the signal is a bunch of noise to make their program seem much more complex and important.

All of this noise can quickly become overwhelming, and you can easily become caught up and lose sight of the signal in the noise.

It’s kinda like listening to a radio that isn’t quite tuned properly to the station. The noise just gets in the way of the real message.

When you’re searching for any information, look for the consistent signal, in most cases it is the same fundamental principle.

The ‘noise’ is just the marketing angle the signal gets wrapped in to make it seem special or different.

For weight loss, the signal is clear.

Eating less will be the only way to lose weight. The only thing that will ever change is the noise of marketing around this fundamental and unchangable law.

Instead of focusing on the useless noise in the weight loss industry like broken metabolisms, special low carb foods, blood type diets, carb cycling, fat burning workouts, and meal timing, you should focus on the signal of EATING LESS, and find the simplest and most painless way to do it. So far for me and most people that I know that solutions is Eat Stop Eat.