Less Food Doesn’t Mean Not Enough Food

"LESS" doesn't mean "NOT ENOUGH"

A friend of mine sent me a link to a picture of a t-shirt with the words ‘Eat Less’ on the shirt. This picture was posted on a popular news/blog website and the comments section had many people suggesting that they didn’t like the t-shirt because they felt it promoted eating disorders.

This of course is a one sided way of thinking. Eating “Less” is exactly the prescription for people who are currently eating too much, and it’s also the only way to lose weight (for those people interested in weight loss)

People who don’t like the ‘eat less’ recommendation for weight loss are jumping to the conclusion that ‘eat less’ is the same as ‘not eating enough to maintain healthy baseline functioning’. These are two drastically different levels of food.

Unfortunately those with eating disorders like anorexia routinely take it to the extreme and go below the level of calories required for normal functioning for extended periods of time. In their specific cases I can see why the ‘eat less’ recommendation seems ominous.

But the fact remains that for most people who are looking to drop some weight the simplest and most effective strategy is to just eat less.