Is Liposuction “Cheating”?

Is this just 'cheating', or is it just a quicker way to get rid of fat?

I heard a story the other day about a bodybuilder who allegedly (I cannot confirm this) gets a bit of liposuction done before a bodybuilding show just to make sure he’s as ripped as possible. The other bodybuilders consider this ‘cheating’ because it’s ‘not fair’.

Now I don’t know if this is just a story or truth, but the reaction of it being considered ‘cheating’ certainly sounds reasonable, but totally hypocritical from bodybuilders who are using testosterone, GH, insulin, T3, clenbuterol, ephedrine and diuretics to get in shape.

Does this mean that bodybuilders consider drugs fair game to get big and ripped, but machines (lipo) not fair?

I’ve also been informed that playboy models get lipo done before a photoshoot just to ‘tighten up’, and that the same model will have the procedure done multiple times before each shoot.

I cannot confirm the bodybuilding story although it sounds feasible, I’ve got a pretty good source to know that the playboy story is true.

Regardless, I would guess most people would feel like liposuction is some form of ‘cheating’.

If it’s just another means to the same end what does it matter?

What do you think?