Irrational Body Image Ideals

In the past 7-10 years there has been an explosion of live action comic book super hero movies, and I’m loving it!

Which one looks more impressive?

But the celebrities that are chosen to play the super heroes never quite measure up to the expectations I have in my mind.

Many guys who grew up reading comic books (or even glanced through them from time to time) have an idea of what they think a super hero should look like…and they’re always larger than life.

Believe it or not some guys actually set these cartoon images of their favorite super hero as their mental image of the ideal body. This of course is a completely unrealistic ideal but it’s part of what drives some guys to use steroids…the need to be something special/bigger/different/to stand out in a crowd.

This is partly why many of us are left unimpressed when we see a celebrity depicting the image of our favorite hero.

Hugh Jackman is in great shape and was a great pic for wolverine, but have a look at the picture above comparing the cartoon image of wolverine to Jackman…

A real person with a realistic body is never as impressive as what a cartoonist can do.

Superheroes are just supposed to be different, larger than life…so unless every superhero is computer generated we’ll have to go with what hollywood has to offer.

I suppose we have to look at these movies with the following mindset: “This is what wolverine (or any superhero) might have looked like if he were a real person”