Inflammation from Toxic Calorie Levels

The concept of eating healthy or eating ‘clean’ (I hate that term) usually focuses on specific food types and rarely mentions food quantity. This is a fundamental mistake in reasoning as it can be clearly shown that adverse health events can be caused by simply eating too many calories (no matter what the food source).

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Brad Pilon just finished writing a new chapter in Eat Stop Eat where he covers the pro inflammatory effects of eating too many calories. He gave an advanced copy of the new chapter to Rusty over at fitness black book. Rusty does a good job of laying out the main points from Brads new chapter on inflammation and calories.

There is some new research that I have been doing with Brad that will be part of my new diet program “The Anything Goes Diet”.

We’re researching the upper limit of calories that a person can have within a given amount of time without it leading to negative health consequences. We’re essentially looking for the toxic upper limit of calories you could eat in a given day.

Exceeding this upper limit can be referred to as being at a toxic calorie level, characterized by the negative consequences of having too much glucose, fat, cholesterol, triglycerides, insulin, pro-inflammatory cytokines, etc.

In general is the concept of eating yourself to sickness and chronic inflammation and debilitating disease.

I’m not suggesting that there are ‘toxin’s’ in the food or that a given food is toxic, what I’m saying is there is a toxic level of calories.

Spending too many days in the toxic calorie zone will invariably lead to the lifestyle disorders we associate with being ‘unhealthy’ and ‘unfit’.

The point is to remind yourself that the overall amount of food you eat regardless of the composition is going to impact your health and the look of your body more than any other diet manipulation or trick you can think of.

I know it’s a boring old message, but total calories matter a whole lot more than most people think. The real trick is finding a way to eat less of them and still be satisfied, maintain a healthy social life, and not obsess about food or feel guilty eating.

Enjoying food and recognizing what it can and can’t do for you/to you is the key to staying in great shape for the long haul.