How To Get Rid Of ‘Stubborn’ Belly Fat

Do you really think your gut has an attitude?

It’s not uncommon to hear the word ‘stubborn’ used to describe the fat that we store around our midsection (belly). This isn’t meant to be a literal description as I doubt you think the fat is actually being difficult and stuck in its ways and not open to suggestion.

But this term gets used so much that some people may start to believe the fat around your belly is in fact ‘stubborn’ and will not move. This of course is a false assumption.

The fat around your belly or any of your ‘problem areas’ is the same type of fat as the rest of your body, there just happens to be more of it stored around the midsection. This area of fat burns just as readily as every other area however the muscular definition in this area is the last to show through because there is typically more fat stored here.

In other words, as you lose weight your arms will become defined much faster than your midsection (because there is much less fat stored on your arms), this doesn’t mean you’re not losing fat from around your gut, it just means it will take longer to burn through all the fat to see the underlying muscles.

Belly fat isn’t any more stubborn than it is angry or happy, its just fat and you can burn it off if you maintain a caloric deficit for long enough.