How it All Fits Together – Phi Life is Live

Brad Pilon and I have started a new podcast called Phi Life. You can find it every Wednesday from now on at

This is our weekly take on all things related to health and how it fits into your life, and how all the parts of your life will add up to your overall ‘health’.

“Health” is a very ambiguous term and means something different for each person. What you might consider to be healthy will be different from what I consider healthy.

From what I can gather the most basic definition of health has to be ‘the opposite of death’

From there we can all throw in our own personal touch as to what we view as a healthy life.

So Phi Life will be an ongoing discussion about the pieces of life and how they come together for the healthiest life possible.

We want to hear your feedback/questions/opinions at Phi Life as it will help us form and shape the ongoing discussions and research that goes into the show.

We’ll be getting a feed on itunes as soon as I can figure out how to do that.

First episode is live

By all means leave comments for us at Phi Life.