How Healthy Are You?

If you’re an Eat Stop Eater you’ve probably run into your fair share of people who think the way you are eating is ‘unhealthy’ or ‘not good for you’.

Get Your Annual Check Up Done

Dealing with persecution from people you interact with on a daily basis is difficult, especially when those people are you family and friends. Getting into arguments with them isn’t going to help, and trying to convert them to your lifestyle if they don’t want to isn’t going to help either. So what do you do?

Well for starters get an annual check up/physical. Get your doctor to test every measurable health marker possible including:

Total Cholesterol

HDL/LDL ratio


Fasting Insulin

Blood Glucose

Blood Pressure

Heart Rate

Liver Enzymes


Whatever you and your doc can think of.

With these numbers in hand you can show whoever you’re arguing with that you are in perfect health according whatever your doctor can measure. Beyond that as long as you feel good about yourself what else is there to say?!

If you feel good about yourself, and you’re happy with your lifestyle, and your measurable health markers from your check up/physical come back in good shape, then what else is there to say? You are as healthy as we can possibly measure.

If you’re being persecuted for your lifestyle being ‘unhealthy’ the only way to silence your critics might be to show them how healthy you really are and get them to do the same for themselves.