How do You Measure Fat Loss?

If you’re trying to lose some fat you’re probably measuring your progress one of two was: weight loss, or inches lost. Both of these measurement styles are crude and break down when you’re only trying to lose a few pounds of fat.

Doesn't always show you changes that are there

Most people will fluctuate up to 5 pounds per day in body weight due to water content, and food you’ve eaten. It’s not correct to say how much you weigh, it’s correct to suggest a range of weights you might be (given the last time you ate, how much you ate, and how much you’ve had to drink etc)

A 2-3 pound change in fat might not be measurable with daily measurements on the scale because of your daily weight range changes.

It might take a month or longer for that 2-3 pound change to really show through on the scale (when you’re weight range has become lower on both the high and low end)

Also inches lost around your waist will also become less obvious as you become leaner because of water/food moving through your intestines and some water retention due to eating.

Small changes in your waist measurement might not show when you’ve got minimal changes left to make.

It’s kinda like trying to measure a one centimeter change with a ruler that only goes as small as an inch (very difficult to do)

The point is as you get closer to your ideal weight/size it’ll be harder to measure changes because our body shape and weight is dynamic and fluctuates on a moment to moment basis.

The best way to measure is the mirror. Your eyes can pick up subtle changes in your look that a measuring take or the scale could never catch.