Hormones and Weight Loss

Imagine Your Body is a Race Car and You're the Driver

Certain hormones have become buzz words in the diet and fitness media and I get a lot of questions about them. People want to know more about each hormone that they’ve heard of like, insulin, glucagon, growth hormone, leptin, ghrelin etc.

But my question back would be…what for?

Having a technical explanation of the workings of a particular hormone (which btw is impossible without taking a physiology degree to understand it) isn’t going to make you any better at losing weight or controlling the look and feel of your body.

Imagine your body is like a car, how you drive it, where you take it and how you treat it, and what you put into it is going to determine how successful you will be at weight loss…getting a mechanic to explain the inner workings of the engine and the transmission isn’t really going to change your ability to drive.

What you need is a driving coach, not a mechanic. (which is the difference between having a weight loss coach and asking some scientist to explain a hormonal pathway)

So this is my answer to every question about every hormone.

For starters we should just define what a hormone is.

In the simplest terms and hormone is just a chemical messenger that is usually (but not always) released in one part of the body and travels to another part of the body to tell a system/orgran/group of cells to change/augment it’s function.

The original location of the hormone and it’s destination is different and varies from one hormone to the next.

For example insulin is secreted by the pancreas and exerts an effect at the liver and muscle and fat tissues all over your body to uptake nutrients.

Leptin is produced by adipose tissue (fat cells) and goes to a spot in your brain (hypothalamus) and has some effect on appetite which isn’t fully understood.

Growth hormone is secreted from a gland in your brain and has effects on all tissues of the body, promoting lipolysis, muscle growth and cellular repair just to name a few.

Each of these and hundreds more hormones are doing their thing all day long regardless if you’ve read about them or not.

The point is that knowing anything more about these hormones isn’t going to help you lose weight…but finding a way to eat less calories will!

I think too many people are getting caught up worrying about what his under the hood of the car when all they really need to do is spend more time practicing driving.