Holiday Weight Loss…AND Holiday Eat-A-Thon

I just had the first of my holiday dinners…or let me re-phrase that…holiday “eat-a-thons”

Turkey Dinner

A friend of mine invited me over for a traditional christmas turkey dinner…we had copious amounts of all the follow foods:




Roasted Potatoes

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Green Beans



Apple caramel score bar dip (translation, a diabetic coma)

Sweet Chili pepper and cream cheese triscuit dip

Apple pie

Cherry pie

Pumpkin pie

And I ate all of it…I actually had all three pieces of pie together as one sorta neapolitan pie slice.

This happened on dec 18th and I know for sure it’s going to happen again on dec 24th (seafood and pasta eat-a-thon)

and again on the 25th. (and most likely on new years eve as well)

so how in the hell am I supposed to get through the next two weeks without gaining weight, and in fact continuing to lose weight?

Easy…Eat Stop Eat (or at least some form of intermittent fasting and/or low calorie compensation days)

Weight loss or weight gain is pretty simple, and the rules don’t change over the holidays. If you know you’re going to have a few big eating days like me then you gotta offset them with lower calorie eating days.

I only ate about 1000 calories the day after the above mentioned eating fest.

I’ve estimated my BMR at around 1920 cals/day…So even if I went 1000 calories over during the big dinner I already offset that by going almost 1000 calories under the very next day.

I’ll do the same thing leading up to the two big back to back dinners on the 24th and 25th.

From mon dec 21st to wed dec 23rd I’ll keep things light (between 1200-1500 calories per day)

The day of the 23rd I’ll start an Eat Stop Eat style fast mid afternoon/early evening and then resume eating on the 24th at the seafood eat-a-thon.

With this kind of eating pattern throughout the week I’ll be in a good position to eat all the food I can handle on the 24th and 25th without really gaining any weight  at all.

Just to be sure I’ll also add in an Eat Stop Eat style fast on the 26th (god knows I’ll be so stuffed i won’t even feel like eating until the 27th anyway)

I’ll keep you posted on my bodyweight throughout the next week.

Incidentally, this pattern is how I managed to lose weight over thanksgiving.