HeavyWeights Weren’t Always Heavy

Keeping with the them from yesterday post here is some interesting information about the heavyweight division in boxing.

The Best Heavyweight ever!

In 1920 the heavyweight division had a minimum weight imposed of 175lbs (that doesn’t sound very heavy to me)

Currently the heavyweight division starts at 200lbs and has no upper limit.

If you look at the fighters in the heavyweight division you’ll see that they’re much taller than the other divisions.

In other words, weight is most closely associated with height. If you’re not at least 6’0 feet tall, it is highly unlikely you can be 200lbs and lean (without drugs).

Muhammad Ali is approx 6’3 and his fighting weight is listed anywhere from 188-236lbs

The reality is that most guys aren’t as tall as Ali and most guys will never be as heavy as Ali, but for some reason when young guys start working out they always set a bodyweight gain goal (I know I did). Many young guys set 200lbs as one of their body weight goals no matter what their height is.

This is the wrong way to go about goal setting because the amount of lean mass you can carry is determined by your height.

This doesn’t mean you can’t look good at your height, it just means you shouldn’t bother using weight gain as a way to measure progress.

Probably better to find a role model physique/body of a person who is the same height as you (and preferably somatotype as well) rather than picking some arbitrary bodyweight you think you should hit.