Good Food vs Bad Food

I was ordering a coffee today at one of my regular coffee shops and the girl behind the counter asked if I wanted anything to go with it…I said I’m not sure, and she said “well how bout something healthy like toast or a bagel”

Is there such thing as good and bad food?

This is interesting because she obviously has an idea in her head of what ‘healthy’ means and why toast or a bagel must fit into that definition.

Then it got me thinking, what do people think is a healthy food or an unhealthy food.

So I’m asking YOU.

If you had to try and categorize a healthy or good food vs an unhealthy or bad food what would be the criteria?

(I’m not giving my answer until later so as not to bias your answers)

Also try not to read other peoples comments until you’ve already finished writing yours so you don’t bias your answer.