For Weight loss: Do more, Read Less

the more you read the less action you will take

It seems somewhat ironic that when deciding what to do for weight loss the more you attempt to “learn” and read about it the more confused and less obvious what action it is you should take. I just received an email from someone who started AGD and has successfully lost 7lbs in the first two weeks. This is great progress and should be more than enough proof and motivation that the system is working.

But instead of being reinforced and empowered to move forward this person was worried that they were missing out on something to do with changing their hormonal levels and that somehow they will stop losing weight if they don’t purchase a particular supplement marketed to manipulate a particular hormone.

This is an example of information overload and paralysis by analysis. Reading more about weight loss cannot make weight loss happen faster, in most cases it’ll just cause you to stall and second guess yourself. This story is a real life example of someone who is currently successfully losing weight and still thinks they are missing something.

The point is that you must be very careful what information and marketing you allow to enter your brain. Weight loss is hard enough on it’s own, but it’s almost impossible if you’re constantly reading about how many ways you’re getting it wrong!

If someone who is successfully losing weight can still be talked into thinking they’re doing something wrong how much worse is the paralysis for someone who hasn’t even lost a pound yet?

When it comes to weight loss, reading more doesn’t produce results, doing more does! Pick a program, and do it, and while you’re on that program forget about every other program, otherwise you’ll never know what truly works and what was just a lot of hot air.