Feast or Famine

For many people, a day of eating is either feast or famine

When it comes to dieting I’ve noticed an odd trend with some people. It seems to be a mentality of feast or famine, let me explain.

Do you or someone you know approach the day from the standpoint that if you’re going to eat ‘good’ or on your diet for the day then you can’t have even 1 indulgent food item that day, it’s got to be 100% strictly on the diet program.

And on the flip side, the minute you have 1 ‘bad’ item like a slice of pizza, well the flood gates are open and you might as well finish the pizza and follow it up with a pint of ice cream too.

It seems that some people view eating this way. It’s the idea that if you’re going to eat one ‘bad’ thing today then you might as well just crush a bunch more ‘bad’ things for the whole day. On the flip side if you’ve managed to start the day off eating ‘good’ food or the right foods for your diet then you’re having a good diet day and you try to keep that day going with more good food choices. Making it to the gym for a workout also contributes to this. If you make it to your workout that keeps you on track, but if you skip the workout then all bets are off and you’re heading to McDonalds for a double big mac.

The choice seems to be one of two extremes. It’s either salads and a workout, or no workout and pizza and ice cream.

This of course is a false way of looking at it, but it seems to be a trap many people fall into.Combining the two is the only way to make weight loss manageable for the long term.