Fear of Less Food? Seriously?

Cooper wrote this comment yesterday that has been ringing in my head ever since: “I had to train myself that nothing bad was going to happen to me if I just ate less!”

What Are You Afraid of Anyway?

This is a telling line about the bang up job the diet and fitness marketers have done spreading lies about the ‘dangers’ of eating less. This is nothing more than pure fear mongering, it’s socially irresponsible, it’s deceitful and it really does ruin people’s lives.

This problem is so systemic that even well intentioned health care practitioners are also promoting this sort of unfounded ‘danger’ (as we discussed in this previous post ->Does Your Doctor Know Best)

In fact it’s not a stretch to suggest that the entire supplement and modern healthy food movement is entirely based and dependent upon this fear. And as we’ve discussed this fear even gets in the way of personal and family relationships precisely at the moment when someone overcomes this fear (but the others haven’t).

If the mass population accepted the fact that their weight loss issues (and most if not all of their lifestyle health risk factors) would be solved by eating less food (and doing some…any exercise) what value would a ‘healthy food’ or supplement be?

Would anyone ever buy a supplement to help with their weight loss or general health? Would anyone actually seek out and pay a premium for organic, or low fat options, or whole grain or high fiber or vitamin enriched options or whatever other BS is being peddled in the name of health?

Not likely.

Most of the ‘nutrition’ industry is dependent on a mass fear of eating less. Unfortunately this completely destroys most people’s ability to enjoy food at all…instead eating becomes an event wrapped in waves of guilt and personal shame.

You’ve got to hand it to them…they’ve done a masterful job of bending our minds in the effort to sell more useless products…They’ve managed to take one of the most pleasurable and fun things in life (FOOD) and make you feel completely crappy about it…and then of course they are standing there with the solution to make you feel better (insert healthy food item, supplement etc…)

However. Once you remove the fear of eating less (as many of you have experienced) food becomes fun again and we can eat what we like and still be satisfied and proud of our bodies too.