Exercise for Weight Loss

I don't care how many calories this burns, there's got to be an easier way.

This is a message I just got from a friend of mine which pretty much sums up the reason exercise can’t do much for weight loss unless you’re really watching your calories:

“30 minutes of very high intensity boxing– dripping sweat, almost puked: probaby burned 400 calories, tops

Large Powerade slush from Sonic to recover from 30 minutes of very high intensity boxing: 450 calories
Why exercising for weight-loss isnt a good idea, LOL!!!”
The amount of time and effort it takes to burn just a few hundred calories will always be much greater than the amount of time and effort it takes to consume a few hundred calories.
In fact it only takes a few minutes and ZERO effort to consume all the calories you could burn in just about any workout.
I’m not saying that working out can’t help with weight loss. What I am saying is don’t let it lull you into a false sense of security that you can now eat as much as you want.
After all, the whole point of exercising for weight loss is to burn more calories off…going out and eating right after you workout and replacing the calories you just burned is just taking one step forward and one step back.
Rule of thumb when exercising for weight loss:
Always assume you’re burning LESS calories than charts, websites or any fitness machine says.
This simple assumption should help you stay on track with weight loss without your exercise efforts getting erased by overeating the same amount of calories you just exercised off.