Exercise and Fitness Scientific Conference – Vancouver

Tomorrow morning (tues) Brad Pilon and I are heading to Vancouver to attend the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP for short) annual conference.


Brad is actually going to be speaking at this conference (thats pretty cool)

We’ll be spending the 3 days learning the latest information from the world of exercise science. Anything and everything that is going on in exercise physiology will be here.

Conferences like this are a good way to stay ahead of the curve on new scientific information because much of what we’ll see here is not published yet.

You may or may not be aware of this, but it takes anywhere from 12-18 months to get a piece of scientific research published.

So if you and I conducted an experiment today. It’s highly likely that it wouldn’t be published until sometime in 2011!

BUT we could present our findings at a conference like csep this week far ahead of it becoming published.

This peek into what is coming is why conferences like this can be a goldmine of new info that nobody else really knows about!

If I find anything cool, I’ll post about it here in the coming days and weeks.


P.S. If you subscribe to any other fitness/nutrition blogs or newsletters, just ask yourself the last time those so called “experts’ attended a conference like this and reported back to you with anything useful…kinda makes you wonder where they are getting their info from.