Evil Foods are nothing New

So we’ve all heard about the potential problem too much sugar can cause, and even too much carbohydrates in general regardless of it’s in the form of pure sugar.

The Hunt is on for Evil Foods

And of course saturated and trans fats are also bad.

It’s true that too much carbohydrate and sugar can cause measurable problems like advanced glycation end products (an issue with too much blood glucose) as well as affecting triglyceride levels (one of the circulating forms of fat).

It’s also true that excess dietary fat can cause cardivascular disease issues.

This information is likely nothing new to you as you and I are constantly bombarded with waves of media about the evils of sugar and fat.

But what is never talked about is the amount of each that might/could cause these issues? And even further the issue of total calories is never brought up.

It seems that the negative issues both sugar/carbs and fat can cause are also related to the total amount of calories you’re eating.

In other words, if you’re not eating too much overall, it seems unlikely that the mix or type of fat and carbs you eat will really have much of an impact on any of the health issues we’ve mentioned above.

A bigger issue that isn’t brought up is the stress that excessive calories puts on the body as a whole. There is a systemic inflammatory response that chronic overeating causes, and this response contributes to all of the lifestyle disorders that we associated with a ‘poor diet’.

The problem is that the focus gets shifted towards finding a food to demonize instead of the real culprit: too much food.

This proverbial food ‘witch hunt’ has been going on for longer than you or I have been alive and we just happen to be living in the most obsessive and information accessible time so it just seems even worse.

If you research the modern history of the physical culture and diet movement you’ll find that as early as the late 1800’s there were books and diets demonizing carbs, or fat, or protein (yes even protein has taken a turn as the evil food we should never eat)

It seems as though nothing has changed in the past 100 years. We’re still looking for the evil foods to blame for the problems that overeating causes.

I guess as long as this sort of misunderstanding is going on there will always be a need for someone like me to constantly repeat this simple message of ‘less total food’.