Emotion vs Logic – What You Feel vs What You Think

Yesterdays post generated an interesting discussion, and one of the comments stimulated today’s post.

Logic vs Emotion

I want to thank Irene for her comment because it forced me to elaborate my point and also clearly demonstrates the issue at hand and reason for yesterdays post in the first place.

Yesterdays headline was written in order to get attention, the more attention the headline can grab the more people will give a read and hopefully a good discussion will start. This is just standard stuff and how all media function.

From there Irene pointed out that she didn’t understand the point of my post and questioned if I was perhaps starting a fat person haters club.

Obviously on a blog it’s difficult to properly express emotion with written words. To be clear I was writing from a logical position centered around my stated hypothesis about the human reaction to bodyfatness.

However, I cannot control the emotional lens you filter your reading through. I’m sure if 100 different people read yesterdays post there were 100 unique emotional reactions to it.

The potential emotional reactions to yesterdays post is the whole point of why yesterdays post is so difficult to talk about. How do we bring up the topic of body shape and body fatness and our reactions to it and keep the emotion out of it? It’s difficult to come to a logical conclusion if the discussion is clouded by emotion.

Getting to the root of the reaction seems to be one of best starting points to find a solution. BUT if we can’t find a way to talk about it we’ll never get going on a solution.

So, I’m asking you, how do we talk about it?