Emasculation of Modern Man – A Tradeoff?

This is an interesting point that came up in yesterdays rather lively discussion and it’s something that has been irritating me for a while, so I think it’s about time we talk about it.

What Happened to All the Men?

Keeping in the spirit of items that seem to have become taboo to talk about, I want to bring up the issue of the modern emasculated man.

To say it bluntly, it seems that the modern industrialized societies are breeding emasculated men. This is not to say that there must be a difference between the basic human rights of men and women, because there simply isn’t. Women and men are all human and have the same natural rights.

BUT, there is a difference between what is male and what is female. There is a difference between what is masculine and what is feminine. It seems that these difference are not an issue we’re allowed to talk about.

There is a feminist movement, but there isn’t a masculinist movement. (I think a movement promoting either case is ridiculous)…to be clear, I’m not promoting the suppression of women’s rights. Like I said before, we’re all human and deserve the same right.

Traditionally and psychologically women are attracted to masculine attributes that we associate with a ‘man’s man’. Just like men are attracted to feminine women.

This doesn’t mean you cannot be sophisticated, well spoken, and it doesn’t mean you have to wear a hard hat to work and have callouses on your hands. It just means that you still need to be masculine.

This however seems to be harder to do than it sounds. So what is being masculine? Does it mean you have to be a cage fighther? Do you have to get your hands dirty at work? Do you have to be a soldier?

Is a man supposed to show sensitivity or not? Is he supposed to be a leader or take orders? Can he wear a suit to work or does he have to wear steel toe boots?

What is a man supposed to look like? A case can be made that as a man becomes emasculated from these other factors he also gives up on his body image.

I think the answer has to do with having strength in your own character and standing for something you believe in (including what you think a man should look like). This is something that is easier said than done and in our given societies it seems to be much easier to fall in line and to do as your told than it is to stand for something even if its not a popular stance.

The underlying issue of it all is freedom.

Freedom to have an opinion and act on it. Freedom to stand for something. Freedom to express your beliefs.

Given the structures that we’re constrained to live within, it is difficult to actually be who you really want to be without breaking some sort of rule, whether it is a social meme or some inane law. This renders many men nothing more than overgrown children constantly asking for ‘permission’ from their boss, government, and in some cases spouses (seriously asking if they can go out and play…), and getting scolded and further emasculated when they don’t do as they’re told. In this sense you could say the world is populated with few MEN and many BOYS.

A lack of freedom to think for yourself and express it is what I believe to be at the root of the modern emasculation of men.

The state apparatus is what I consider to be the biggest contributing factor to this problem as there is a law for just about everything and anything you can think of doing. On top of that there is an every increasing set of social definitions and patterns you are being forced to fit into…none of which you have chosen, all of which are being forced onto you.

We’ve got to get back to some middle ground where men can be men again without worrying about political correctness and having to take courses on gender roles in society.

The last time I checked I’m pretty sure women still like men who look and act like men.

So ladies, what do you want a man to be?

Fellas, what do you think it means to be a man?