Eating less = Less Enjoyment of Life…really?

I was having a good discussion about calories in vs out the other day and someone made a statement that really struck me. We were discussing the common reaction of shock and disbelief when people realize how low their BMR really is and how few calories they really need on a daily basis to lose weight.

Do you really think the bigger burger will allow you to enjoy life more than the smaller one?

We then started to discuss that this refusal to accept the truth about our calorie needs (and how low they really are) is at the root of why people fall for diet scams that promise you to be able to eat as much food as you want (as long as they’re the right kinds). Of course this style of dieting always fails because you’re never taught what is really responsible for weight loss (a caloric deficit).

At this point I asked what the big deal was about eating less and why it’s so unappealing that people will fight against it even in the face of sound logic and scientific evidence.

And then someone said this statement: “People fear eating less calories because they think it means they’re not going to enjoy life as much”

That’s pretty sad…it’s sad because it’s true.

Essentially calories, and food, and the unchecked ability to eat as much food as we like seems to be one of the only sources of enjoyment or pleasure in a persons life (this is sad).

So the concept of taking even a few calories away on a daily basis (say 500) sounds or feels like you’re literally taking away that persons ability to enjoy life or be happy.

Now think about that for a moment. If the happiness of your life comes down to the volume of calories you can eat in a day, then you’ve got some major work to do in all areas.

Yes food is important, it’s fun, it’s part of celebrations and social events and all of that stuff…but it shouldn’t be the sole source of your happiness. If you’ve got a well adjusted life and you’ve got your relationships, emotions, career, and finances in control, then food shouldn’t/won’t be your primary source of pleasure/escape/enjoyment.

Unfortunately many people don’t have their relationships, finances, career in shape, and one of the easiest ways to relieve the stress and pressure is to mass consume calories. So I guess from this standpoint it would suck to tell a person to eat less of them.

To me the root of most weight problems has nothing to do with nutrition and everything to do with getting the rest of your life in order. Once you start working on the other area’s of your life eating less food becomes much easier.