Eat Less For Weight Loss? – Nah, that’s impossible

“LESS” is the dirtiest 4 letter word the food industry has ever heard. When it comes to weight loss “LESS” is the only word worth hearing.

You'll never see a message of eating LESS

Apparently Michelle Obama is waging a war on childhood obesity (it still fascinates me how the white house must declare war on everything)

Of course this war will go nowhere and nothing will come of it besides a few watered down recommendations to “eat more healthy foods”

The key point here is the words “LESS” and “MORE”

Psychologically they are the big words in the statements of “eat LESS calories to lose weight” and “eat MORE healthy food choices to lose weight”

The only words that are of any real consequence in the above statements are “LESS” and “MORE”

The actual foods you choose are irrelevant to weight loss.

If Mrs Obama’s campaign is to have any real legs it must include the word “LESS” but if history is any indication there will be massive pushback from every arm of the food industry to block any government mandated message of consuming LESS of any food item.

How would you feel if you made or living selling beef products and her campaign explicitly stated to eat LESS beef…it wouldn’t be long until you were scaling back, getting laid off or closing up shop.

Same goes for everyone other type of food.

The point is that we’re already at a status quo of too much food and the food industry is entrenched with strong lobbies and ties within the FDA and USDA to squash any message of eating LESS of any food.

This is why Mrs Obama will fail in her attempt to do anything whatsoever about obesity in children or adults.

Until the message of eating LESS is allowed to be freely communicated, most people will be hopelessly looking for what special food they can eat MORE of it lose weight…how ironic!

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