Do you Define Yourself With Food and Exercise?

When I was a kid the Mr Men books were the best ones in the school library. Maybe because they were small and square with big pictures and very few words, or maybe it was how simple the message was.


If you’ve ever seen a Mr Men book you’ll know what I’m talking about. There is Mr Strong, Mr Topsy Turvy, Mr Happy, Mr Tickles and so on.

Each one of them is defined by one thing. Mr Strong is strong, Mr Happy is happy.

Obviously you are more complex than a Mr Men character but where do you draw the line as to what defines you?

Do you allow your eating pattern to play a role in your definition of yourself?

Do you allow your workout routine to play a similar role?

For example you might hear someone define themselves as a paleo bodybuilder, or a vegan powerlifter, or a locavore runner.

It seems like people have a need to fit into some sort of community and have a thirst for definitions of their own identity. And this is precisely where the diet/health/fitness industry can take advantage of you and offer you a new definition for yourself (at a rather expensive price).

In most cases the industry will hand you a vague and ambiguous term that has little meaning once you take the time to inspect it with any real inquiry and depth. Each identity comes with a full list of books you must read to be labelled a true version of their group along with lifestyle practices that only the truest of the true will follow.

A rational view of each will reveal that they are nothing more than clever marketing gimmicks that people cling to because of the apparent human need for a personal definition and a group or crowd to identify with.

As long as you allow fitness and nutrition industry marketers to influence the definition of who you are, you will always be susceptible to purchasing the next gimmick or fad.

So how do you define yourself when it comes to diet and exercise? (please leave a comment if you feel so inclined)

I’ll start:

I eat whatever food I happen to want at that moment and do so mostly because i like eating all kinds of food, and for the goal of maintaining my waist to shoulder ratio (AI ratio).

I workout with weights for the purpose of building and maintaining my AI ratio as well.