Do I look “Skinny”?

Here are some pics of me at my lightest weight in the past 15 years, I”m about 179-183lbs in these pics and my buddies rip on me for being “Skinny” or “tiny” now…Do I really look “skinny”?


John Barban Adonis Index
In this pic I'm about 180lbs
John Barban Adonis Index Abs
Some abs
John Barban Back Adonis Index
A back single Bicep Shot


Guys who are trying to gain muscle make the mistake of assuming you need to be really heavy to be really muscular.

I’m 6’0 tall and around 180lbs in these pictures which puts me in the ‘normal’ BMI range as well.

It’s common for guys who workout to gain muscle to be in the overweight or even obese BMI ranges and they usually attribute their bodyweight to the fact that they’re carrying more muscle and hence the reason why they’re overweight or obese (as per the BMI standard)

But what they might not want to admit is that they still have 20-30lbs of fat to lose and if they lost it they’d be right back down to the ‘normal’ BMI range (just like I am in these pictures)

Sure I could ‘bulk up’ to 200lbs and lose all of my definition and I’d look much bigger in a t-shirt…but as soon as the shirt comes off it would be obvious that much of that extra weight is just fat.

This is the difference between being ‘shirt on big’ and ‘shirt off big’. Most guys are trapped in the ‘shirt on’ big mode trying to be heavier and heavier and end up getting fatter and fatter.

The truth is that the leaner you are the bigger you look (without hiding behind clothes)

So the choice is yours, do you want to be shirt on big or shirt off big?