Dietary Supplement “Products”

Supplements are more than just ingredients

A dietary supplement seems like a pretty simple concept: Find a few herbs or ingredients that have some sort of effect on the body then sell them to anyone who is looking for that effect.

But when you start to look at it closer it isn’t this simple.

Consumers typically focus on the ingredients in a supplement and the claim being made on the label.

Supplement companies on the other hand look at the whole product including all of the following factors:

Size of the box/container

Price Point


Cost per dose

Doses per package

Color of the package

How the product looks compared to competitors products on the shelf

Shelf life

Industry saturation for the product category

This is just a short list of items a typical supplement company might consider when making a new product. As you can see, the ingredients and what they might do isn’t on here. This is because all supplement companies typically have access to the same ingredients so the ingredients themselves are never going to be the big selling feature.

Getting the packaging and the story about the product right is what will make or break a supplement.

In todays Philife podcast Brad Pilon and I discuss supplement packaging and how it’s just as important and maybe more important than the ingredients in a supplement.

Listen to the podcast here -> Supplement Packaging