Diet and Exercise Goals

There are general rules we know to be true about the human system when it comes to diet and exercise such as:

Meatwads goal is weight loss, and he decided to ‘Powerwalk’ to reach his goal…but he fails miserably as he decides to walk to a pile of gummie bears and eat them to reward himself for powerwalking!

Eating less calories than you burn will cause weight loss

Eating more calories than you burn will cause weight gain

Exercise of any kind will produce some measurable benefit than no exercise at all

Lifting weights will increase strength and muscle size

‘Cardio’ will improve cardiovascular fitness and multiple measurable indicators of ‘health’

This is the bare bones basics…from here you can customize and personalize it as much as
you like. You may choose to focus on a strength goal, a bodyweight goal, a distance or
endurance performance goal, or a body composition and shape goal.

The basics don’t change, but the arrangement and specific way you apply them will change
based on your goal.

Keep this in mind when you decide to add in a new wrinkle to your program, just ask yourself
this question:

“How does this help me achieve my goal”