Detox and Cleansing – 100% Scam

As some of you know I had food poisoning a few days ago and I’m still not quite out of the woods. Head still isn’t right, and bagels and soup are the extent of what I can eat.

If you ate something'd know!

This brings up an interesting point about detox diets and supplements.

Specifically that there is no such thing as a real ‘detox’ diet or supplement. Your liver and kidneys function to detoxify anything that is toxic to your body (alcohol is a good example)

If there is a ‘toxin’ in your body that your kidneys or liver can’t deal with you’ll know right away (as I did) because it’s going to be promptly purged from your system one way or the other.

If it’s a lethal toxin (serious poison) you might end up dead before you have a chance to puke it back out.

Fortunately we’re not foraging for berries any more so there is a very low risk of you ever eating something that is lethal. Most of us also have some access to acute medical care so if you do by accident ingest something that is truly toxic the doctors at a hospital have various tools at this disposal to help deal with the issue.

The point is there is no way to ‘detox’ with your diet or a supplement.

Most of the cleansing and detox promoters can never even name one ‘toxin’ that they are talking about or how it works, where it supposedly accumulates in your body and how you got it in the first place.

They stick to ambiguous claims like ‘toxin’ and ‘cleanse’ and allow you to fill in the gaps with your own fears and anxieties.

If you feel like you want to ‘cleanse’ or clear out for a while, just do a 24 hour fast. I guarantee that any feedback you get from a detox product is because it will likely require you to undertake some sort of fasting and not because of any supplement or juice it forces you to ingest.