Dec 30th Weigh in – We’re in Good Shape

This morning I weighed in at 184lbs, this is within 1 pound of my lightest weight of the year for 2009.


As I mentioned before, Fridays are my official weigh in days but this friday will be a mess because of new years eve/day football and food fest!

So I’m recording weight today and tomorrow for my year end stats. My guess is tomorrow’s weight will be slightly lighter than todays. (a pound or two either direction  is just water weight or food, so anything from 183-185 is basically the same as today)

I started my cut down in August and I’ve been sorta cruzing for the past month or so, and I’ve managed to lose weight through thanksgiving and christmas (and I didn’t deprive myself at all during either of these occasions)

AI ratio is golden at my lighter morning measurements but I want to make it consistent even through some bigger eating days so there is still a bit of work to do here.

So now the task is refining and maintaining this size for 2010.