Dec 29th Weigh In – Holiday Eating Season Going Well

As some of you know I’m charting my weight over the holidays to see how my weight loss/maintenance is going throughout the season.

Checking the Scale

As of this morning I weighed in at 185 pounds. So I’m pretty much right on track, I haven’t changed in bodyweight at all after having a big dinner on christmas eve and christmas day (I’ve listed the items that were eaten in a previous blog post)

Today’s bodyweight measurement is a bit early as my weekly official weigh in day is usually friday, but the next big eating days are new years eve and new years day while we watch all the college football bowl games (go ducks, go gators)

So the point of this little experiment is to show you that it is entirely possible to make it through a holiday season and partake in all the festive eating while not gaining any weight…the key as always is offsetting any big eating days with small eating days in between…so for today and tomorrow my calorie intake will be 1000-1200 calories…this should be enough of a deficit to allow me to eat whatever I want on new years eve and new years day without spoiling my weight loss goal.

I’ll be updating my bodyweight again after new years and I’ll post some more pic’s too so you can compare how I look after the holidays with my pics from a couple weeks ago (pre holiday eating)  in a previous post.