Changing Your Body: Will You do it?

Getting in shape and then staying in shape is a daily personal challenge. Your level of dedication and commitment to yourself is what will determine how far you can take your body and how well you can maintain it.

The underlying message is that it’s all about you. It’s your body, your effort, your decision, your results, your triumph, your failure, your struggle, your personal growth, your reward.

In the end, you gotta put in the time to get the results.

It has nothing to do with anyone else besides you. Nobody else will care if you just let yourself go and give up on your body, in fact our society makes it quite easy to do this as so many other people are doing it. Blending into the masses and having an average (or below average) body is quite easy to do. In fact it takes zero effort to be ‘just like everyone else’.

The real effort comes in when you try to do something better, something more with yourself, something worth doing.

At this point you’re choosing to separate yourself from the norm and do something better. This is where it gets tougher, this is where you get push back…this is also where you get recognized for being and doing something most other people cannot or will not do.

Some people will judge, some will throw arrows, some will try to hold you back. But in the end it’s your personal commitment to yourself that will determine if you succeed or fail. Nobody else can make you succeed, and nobody else can make you fail. Your success or failure will be yours to own.

Changing your body is one of the only things you can truly do by yourself for yourself (sure social support helps) but in the end, you have to make it happen.

The only question is ‘will you do it’?