Change Your Life To Change Your Body

Albert Einstein has been attributed with defining “Insanity” as the following: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


I feel like this is what most people are doing in the gym and with their diets on a regular basis. It truly is insane to expect a noticeable change in your body without a noticeable change in the way you live your life.

If you do the same workout (or no workout at all) and eat the same amount of food, how can you possibly think there will ever be a change in your body.

Every day I go to the gym I see the same people hopelessly slaving away on treadmills and other machines, and week after week, month after month they look exactly the same. They don’t look any leaner, they don’t seem any stronger, and they don’t look any happier about themselves.

It’s truly insane.

The diet/fitness industry also helps feed this insanity by hiding the truth about how to really change your body which is very simple:

1) Progressive resistance training to build muscle

2) Calorie deficit to lose fat

Instead of making a real change that can have real results, most people will fall prey to the gimmicks and scams of diet/fitness industry marketing that never produce a real change…and the cycle of insanity will continue.

I totally see how people just give up and believe it’s impossible to lose weight or build muscle if they keep reading about new diet programs and workout programs that never address the real cause.

I guess for some people the insanity is still easier to deal with than real change.

But if you want to change your body then you’ve got to start changing something…anything…

For the few who are willing to make a change I suggest starting small. We easily become a slave to our routine and the first step to making a change in your body is to change your daily routine. This could be as simple as getting your morning coffee from a different coffee shop. Or eating something new for dinner that you’ve never tried before.

Obviously neither of the changes mentioned above will actually change the look or shape of your body by themselves, BUT they will help you break your daily routine and teach you  that there is another way to live your day.

From there you can start changing other things like the amount of time you spend active/working out, the amount of food you’re eating, or the amount of time you spend reading about changing your body but not doing anything about it.

Whatever it is, something’s got to change (if you want to see your body change)

So what will you change, or what have you changed?