Can’t “Feed” Yourself for Weight Loss?

I was watching the nfl network the other day and some of their ex athletes and coaches were on a commercial promoting nutri system for weight loss. Basically you pay for them to send you a weeks worth of prepared meals and you only eat what they send you (ie: breakfast, lunch and dinners for the week)

Who feeds you?
Who feeds you?

For a moment I was thinking that this is a great idea…then I started to realize how pathetic of a statement this is about people in a modern industrialized country…we’re no different than dogs that cannot stop eating when there is food present…we will basically eat ourselves to death if left to our own devices…so the only way for some people to lose weight is to have someone else ‘feed’ them.

Maybe it’s just me, but this seems like a pretty sad state of affairs, especially considering that nutri system is doing very well as a company. (good for them for recognizing that people are no more capable than domesticated animals at controlling their food intake)

So the domesticated human, just like the domesticated dog, needs food rationing to avoid getting fat.

This seems so dis-empowering…whats next, a bowl with your name on it so you know which food ration is yours?

Although people may have some success on this type of system it is not a long term solution. Most people who try this will never develop the ability to cook and choose and prepare food for themselves, and end up being at the mercy of whatever food rations show up.

What about going out for dinner? What about family dinners and gatherings, what about super bowl? Will the food rations be delivered at these events as well?

Wouldn’t you rather develop the ability to feed yourself (without overfeeding) than outsource it to someone else?