Can You Be Fat and Fit?

Slaving away in the gym isn't the answer to reducing blood pressure.

I was browsing some headlines on the interwebs today and I found an interesting report about a study about fatness vs fitness and risk of high blood pressure.

In general the study showed that fatness was linked to high blood pressure even if those people scored well on ‘fitness’ tests.

The more interesting part was the fact that a higher level of ‘fitness’ only seemed to matter for people who had lower/normal bodyfat levels.

This just reminds me how sad it is to see people wasting their money on personal trainers in big fitness clubs trying to lose weight by exercising (assuming they’re not changing their diet, which it is obvious that many of them aren’t).

The worst part is, not only are they not losing weight, they’re not even reducing their risk of heart disease or their blood pressure.

So the morals of this very short story are:

1) Losing weight will have a much bigger impact on decreasing your blood pressure.

2) Staying overweight and trying to build up your ‘fitness’ level by doing cardio isn’t going to help you reduce your blood pressure (and therefore will have little impact on reducing risks of heart disease).

3) Becoming more ‘fit’ only seems to help further improve blood pressure in those people who already have normal bodyfat levels (as measured by BMI)

Focus on reducing weight to reduce your blood pressure and risk of heart disease. Once you’ve got the weight down you can start thinking about improving your ‘fitness’.