Can Personal Trainers Help You Lose Fat?

I just got back from the gym this morning and I can’t help but feel a little sorry for all the people who are spending boat loads of cash on personal trainers, but look the same day in and day out.personal trainer

I workout around 7:30am-8am most weekday mornings, and at this hour the gym is mostly populated by personal trainers with their clients. Me and my training partner are two of the only people there who aren’t accompanied by a trainer from the gym.

Between our sets I just scan the room and check out what each trainer is doing with their clients and this is when the problem with the ‘fitness’ industry becomes evident.

The people who are working with trainers are almost always overweight, and clearly their goal is to lose weight, so they hire a trainer hoping that they can exercise the weight away. But you and I both know this is highly unlikely. (there is good scientific evidence to back this up too, but thats for another day)

The trainers have these people doing all kinds of elaborate cross training routines and making them do workouts worthy of a football conditioning camp. But all of this is a vain attempt to force more calorie burning in their strictly defined one hour training session.

I don’t care how hard you work in that one hour, there is no chance these people are ever going to experience any real change in their body weight or body fat levels unless they make a big change in their eating habits as well.

And that is the trick to all of this. Losing weight is essentially free! Actually it’s better than free, you should end up saving more money because you’ll be consuming less food.

So as you lose weight your bank account should actually grow. <– this unfortunately doesn’t happen with the multitudes of people who waste money on personal trainers hoping to exercise away their excess body fat.

Instead these people end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars and don’t lose a pound.

The bottom line is weight loss comes from a change in your eating habits, namely eating less food.

Exercise is obviously good for your overall health and you should be active every day, but don’t expect weight loss results from exercise alone.

Anyone who has experienced real weight loss can attest to this. I’m just wondering what all the personal trainers will do when more people figure this out.