Boxing Day Weigh In

It’s dec 26th and my official morning weight is 186 lbs. My official weekly weigh in day is thursday and I was 183 lbs last thursday before the two day eat-a-thon started (christmas eve dinner and christmas day dinner). So I’m only up 3 pounds which is pretty good.

Boxing Day

Christmas day dinner (and appetizers and all of the rest of it) included:

cheese and cracker tray (with 5 kinds of cheeses)

mixed nut tray

Chips and dip

home made pasta with tomato sauce and lamb



peas and corn

mashed potatoes

sweet potatoes

beans with cranberries and nuts

Apple pie (I had 2 slices)

Brownies ( I had two of these as well)

caramel apple cake


coffee with baileys

And I ate all of it!

Most of the weight I’ve gained in the past two days is the food that is still in my stomach. Today I’m taking it pretty light and I’ll probably only eat 500 calories or so. I don’t really need to eat anything today as I ate enough yesterday to last for at least two days.

So by thursday dec 31st I should be back on track with my weight loss progress and hopefully weighing in below 183 lbs. (which is just in time for the new years eve eat-a-thon!)

It is entirely possible to lose weight over the holidays or any other time of the year when there are big food events.

The key is just eating less food on the days leading up to and just after the big eating event days.

It’s not rocket science, it’s just simple math…calories in vs calories out.