Body Weight Maintenance

Got back from vegas and stepped on the scale this morning…and I weigh exactly the same as the day I left.

4 days of eating buffets and nothing changed

I had at least 1 buffet per day (one day I actually went to a brunch buffet and then a dinner buffet)

It was AWESOME! I can’t resist the food selection, it’s just so damn good to go up and have 100’s of foods to choose from.

All my measurements are the same as well (waist, shoulders etc)

I probably walked about 10km’s each day just going from casino to casino on the strip.

So with absolutely no attention to the amount of food I was eating it seems as though I ended up eating almost exactly at maintenance for 4 days in vegas using buffet’s as my main source of food (I had various other meals, but they were small in comparison to the buffets)

There is no reason for me to have expected anything different, as it would be very unrealistic to have overeaten enough in 4 days to make any significant change in my bodyweight or measurements.