Barriers to Weight Loss

Do you feel like someone is purposely putting barriers between you and weight loss success?!

Losing weight isn’t exactly a walk in the park, if it were that simple nobody would have a weight problem and we wouldn’t be talking about it right now (and I wouldn’t be writing an entire program on how to do it)

Through my experiences working with bodybuilders, fitness competitors, varsity athletes and regular personal training clients I’ve developed what I think is the simplest system for losing weight.

Most of us fall into rather predictable categories when it comes to our barriers and hurdles to overcome to achieve weight loss success.

But I don’t want to assume that I’ve seen and heard them all…so I’m asking you to let me know what your personal hurdles and barriers are for weight loss.

This could be anything from negative self talk (the battle that seems to be going on in your mind)

Hot button foods you can’t control yourself around.

People in your life who are negative influences that seem to pull you down instead of supporting you.

Situations and events you find yourself at that seem to promote overeating instead of sensible eating (this could be holidays, at work, with friends, with your kids, socially…wherever)

And anything else that I haven’t brought up here.

In general I think we all have something in each of the categories I’ve listed above but I’m sure there are other things I’ve left out here that you’re dealing with.

Whatever it is I’d really like to know about it, so if you don’t mind sharing can you put your personal hurdles and barriers to weight loss in the comments section so we can all feel a bit more normal with the challenge of weight loss (because we’re all likely feeling the same as each other and just haven’t really told anyone yet)

I’ll start.

I got caught up thinking I needed to be big (bulky muscular big). I actually got scared of losing muscle mass if I tried to lose weight (fat) so I got caught in a perpetual ‘bulking’ phase. I spent years just being fat/overweight simply due to my fear or being too skinny if I lost to much weight.

I also have hot button foods like chicken wings that I can’t stop eating if I’m in front of them (so I have to make sure I’ve budgeted them into my weekly calorie count if I go out to eat them…cuz man I’ll put back 30 of them no problem)

I also have buddies who are big eaters and when I’m around them it’s really hard not to overeat, so I have to pick and choose when I go out with them so that I can still eat and enjoy their company without it getting awkward while I eat a salad and they’re chowing pizza wings and burgers.

So those are my weight loss issues and I’ve managed to overcome them all but I had to become aware of them before I knew how to get over them.

What are yours?