Are you ready to change?

In a recent interview with one of the Venus Index contest winners a very interesting point came up. It was the concept of being “ready to change”.


Time for Change

Is it finally time to change?

We all know that everyone is physically capable of changing, losing fat, gaining muscle and improving the overall look, shape and health of their body. But the physical aspect isn’t the rate limiting step, in almost all cases it’s the mental aspect.

In other words, are you mentally ready to change? Do you have the spark, the desire, the drive to put in the necessary effort to actually follow through and make it real.

This is where most people fall short and give up hope.

Not being ready to change doesn’t mean you’ll never be ready, it just means your not ready at that moment. Some people try and fail multiple times before it finally sticks. But when it finally works and you make it to your goal, you will then realize that you were never broken, but rather you just weren’t ready to commit to yourself yet.

Most of the diet and fitness media prey on this lack of self confidence and inability to get into a mental and emotional state to make a real change happen…they tell you stories of how your metabolism is broken and how you  just need to eat a certain food, or take a certain supplement, or do a special exercise and then it’ll all magically fall into place. They constantly distract you from the real stumbling block (mental and emotional readiness to take action) and tell you it’s some metabolic or nutritional trick…

What a load of BS!

Years of being out of shape takes a toll on your mind and emotions and your belief that you’re capable of making a change. Your mind starts to fill in reasons why you’ve been unsuccessful and you start to imagine that maybe you are the one unlucky person who can’t do it (and the diet and fitness media ride this way of self doubt and make it worse).

But I can assure you there is nothing wrong with you, you’re body is perfectly capable of shedding fat, developing muscle and being as fit and healthy as you want it to be…but it only happens when you’re finally ready and in the right frame of mind to make a change.