Anti-Aging or Living Forever

I’m currently at Queens College Cambridge UK attending the SENS4 conference.

The general theme of the meeting is the scientific foundations and research behind anti aging, and more specifically life extension and QUALITY of life extension.

This is the first of four days of seminars, lectures, posters and nights out in the pubs with all of the talk centering around the real life scientific foundations of the search for the fountain of youth, the holy grail if you will. indy and the holy grail

The concepts being presented are novel and push the limits of what most people can wrap their minds around.

I’ll be updating everything that happens here and hopefully be bringing you the most up to date techniques and strategies for living longer and living younger.

This is a radical shift in the way science and medicine looks at aging and the human condition.

In general your body produces cellular waste products from simple day to day metabolism. It’s similar to the mess your house or care becomes without regular cleaning. In general this same situation happens in your body. Instead of stopping the junk from ever building up, the solution being presented here is targeting the clean up of the junk on a regular basis instead stopping the junk from ever appearing.

The idea is novel, and might be very possible very soon.

So this comes back to my first question. If it’s possible, would you want to live to 1000 years old? My answer is a resounding yes.

More soon.