And the Answer to How Much I Weigh Is…

As you can see from the comment section in my previous post there is a huge disparity in opinion of how much I weigh.


The answer is 188lbs.

As I am writing this post (wed dec 16th) I’m 184lbs. <– normal fluctuation in water/food content.

The point of this exercise is to show you how pictures can be deceiving and how bodyweight is a difficult thing to picture for many people when viewed online or in a magazine. Things like lighting, posture/pose, and skin tone can all affect how someone will appear in a picture.

Think of magazine ads or websites that promote before and after pictures…you really can’t tell how big or small someone is without seeing them in person.

Proportions also play a big role in determining how big or small someone looks.

For a given height and bodyfat percentage each person will have a very predictable bodyweight based on weight training experience and given a known food/water intake at the time of the picture. (I was 188lbs in this picture which was taken sunday evening after a good day of eating, as of monday evening after a day of fasting I was down to about 185.5lbs)

So when people say the scale doesn’t matter they are wrong. <– incidentally this argument is usually only made by people who don’t like what the scale says (on both the high or low end)

The reality is that the scale is a very good predictor of health/size/proportion at any given height.

For those of you that asked, I don’t know my bodyfat percentage and don’t bother using any calculators to find out. I’m just interested in the look/proportions.

Thanks for participating and as I drop even further I will update more pics.