Anabolic Sensitivity

The Ripping Friends are at Peak Anabolic Sensitivity for Sure!

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who is currently using steroids and he said something very interesting. I was mentioning the difference between gaining muscle with and without steroids and how difficult it is to gain without steroids and he said “I’m giving up on trying to get any bigger as well”! And this guy uses steroids!

The point is that we all have an upper limit even with drugs. We simply cannot grow forever and part of it is due to our Anabolic Sensitivity.

When you first start working out your anabolic sensitivity has not been built up yet, workouts are difficult and gains seem to be non existent. After a few months of training your muscles and nervous system go through major adaptations and your anabolic sensitivity is high. This is when you will experience big time gains and consistent gains.

But at some point anabolic sensitivity eventually diminishes and a long plateau or stagnant period sets in, and this even happens to guys on steroids. In short there is another way of looking at your current muscle growth potential, it’s called the Anabolic Continuum.

On one end there is low or zero growth potential, and on the other end there is high growth potential, each one of us is somewhere on this continuum. (it’s not so black and white as marketers would have you believe)

Shifting yourself to the high growth potential side of the continuum should be the goal of any muscle building workout.

Brad and I discuss the concept of anabolic sensitivity and the Anabolic Continuum in todays PhiLife podcast.

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