Anabolic Continuum – Where Are You?

Have you ever wondered why some people react differently to the same workout. Some people gain more muscle than others, some seems to have greater gains in strength than others. The typical answer is simply ‘genetics’. But this is too simplistic of an answer and I think there is much more to it than this.

If you’ve been following the last two phi-life podcasts you’ve heard Brad Pilon and I talk about the anabolic continuum and the concepts of anabolic resistance and anabolic slow down.

The anabolic continuum is a range of sensitivities to weight training and anabolic signals for any given person, it ranges from highly sensitive, to resistant to complete anabolic exhaustion (where no amount of exercise seems to stimulate any growth or strength increase)

If you’re curious to find out where you are on the Anabolic Continuum we’ve got an assessment quiz you can download for free to determine where you land.

We’re also holding a live teleseminar this thurs June 10th at 9pm to explain the anabolic continuum, your score on the quiz, what it means and our new workout system that deals with Anabolic Slow Dow and restarting muscle growth for those of you who seem to have hit a big plateau in both muscle size and strength.

Go to this link to get your assessment guide and recieve the link for the teleseminar: Anabolic Assessment Guide