8 Weight Loss is Different for Men vs Women – Answer

#8 – Weight loss works fundamentally different in men than women (in other words, a weight loss diet/exercise program that worked for a guy won’t necessarily work for a woman)

Answer: FALSE

Reducing body weight and body fat works fundamentally the same in men and women.

Women of course go through a more pronounced monthly hormonal cycle than men. This cycle also tends to cause fluctuations in water retention that can make weight loss appear to be different for women. But these fluctuations are transient changes in water retention and don’t have anything to do with the ability of a woman to reduce fat mass.

If you’re a man or a woman and you’re interested in dropping fat, the same rules apply.

Incidentally there is very little research done on women in the area of fitness/exercise/nutrition because the fluctuations that women go through can be so dramatic it becomes difficult to accurately study what is going on in a womans body. The time of a womans cycle almost always has to be taken into account when a scientist is taking before and after measurements on various hormones and blood markers.