7 Rapid Weight Loss Can Damage Your Metabolism – Answer

#7 – Rapid weight loss from severe calorie restriction will ‘damage’ your metabolism and cause you to regain all the weight and possibly even more weight once you stop the diet and go back to eating for weight maintenance.

Answer: FALSE

First of all there is no such thing as ‘damaging’ your metabolism.

“Metabolism” simply refers to the sum of all processes going on in your body at a given time. So this can never be damaged. It’s just a description of process.

Even people in severely wasting disease states will be functioning normal after they recover.

Unless you have a diagnosed metabolic disorder that actually changes the normal way your body processes fuel (this is very rare, and you’d know it if this was the case) then you’re body is processing food/fuel just like everybody else.

Weight gain seems to happen over longer periods of time, but weight loss almost always happens quickly (10-16 weeks)

There is also good research indicating people who have lost significant weight are functioning perfectly normal all the way through and at the end of their weight loss.